Maciej Leszczynski

Contemporary photographer, born 1986 in Elblag, Poland. Currently lives and works in Gdansk.


I'm interested in the examination of the ways in which architecture express the history and identity of society that created it. For this purpose I'm documenting the urban spaces, showing the relations of particular elements of architecture coexisting in the environment of cities.


2018 - City of Rivers, published by Another Place Press, edition of 150 (Sold Out)

Group Exhibitions

2019 - Centre Of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu In Torun, Poland

Selected Awards

2017 – FotoRoom Human Environments Open Call - Official Selection, Italy
2016 – International Photography Awards (IPA) - Honorable Mentions in categories: Fine Art, Landscape, USA
2016 – Moscow Photography Awards (MIFA) - Honorable Mention in Fine Art: Landscape
2013 – American Aperture Awards (AX3) - 1st place in Landscape/Seascape/Nature, USA
2013 – Prix de la Photographie Paris (Px3) - Honorable Mention in Fine Art: Landscape, France
2012 – International Photography Awards (IPA) - Honorable Mention in categories: Architecture, Fine Art, USA
2011 – International Photography Awards (IPA) - 2nd place in Nature: Trees, USA
2011 – Bring Your Photography to Life – GP Winner, UK
2010 – International Photography Awards (IPA) - 3rd place in Fine Art: Landscape, USA

Selected Publications

2019 - Observations in the Ordinary Book, published by Subjectively Objective, USA

Selected Digital Publications

2019 - FUBIZ, France
2017 - FotoRoom, Italy
2017 - Archive Collective Magazine
2017 - The Spaces Magazine, UK
2017 - Aint–Bad, USA
2017 - Dodho Magazine, Spain
2017 - Image in Progress, Italy
2017 - FUBIZ, France